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Mari Collier

Twisted Tales From A Skewed Mind
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Science Fiction by Mari Collier


Man, True Man

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Man, True Man cover

A spaceship crashes into the planet Tonath. The lone occupant, a mutant with two hearts, survives and fights his way to the sunlit part of the planet. A passing freighter finds him and takes him to the Western Starshift Institute of the Way where the Teacher resides. Tonath is a planet being torn apart by the forces of nature. Only the Teacher can predict the movements of the Stars and interpret the prophesies. Will the Teacher be able to recognize True Man and True Foe in time to save Tonath from a thousand years of burning?

Twisted Tales From The Universe

Available for your Kindle.

Cover-Twisted Tales From The Northwest cover

Youíll find humor, time travel, a Visit With The Tooth Fairy, a dragon by the name of Flame Mouth, Elvie Fedderman is back, but this time she is fighting a Warlock, there is a wasted planet that uses an auction block to sell itís one exportable product: women Itís twelve tales with a twist at the end.

Twisted Tales From The Northwest

Now available as an ebook.
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Cover-Twisted Tales From The Northwest cover

Visit the Northwest and the people who live, work, and exist there. You'll find humor, murder, mystery, ancient deities, the unknown, dark elves, vampires, and a brief visit to the future where other beings inhabit our Earth. Some will struggle to survive, others live one to help other people, and one couple tries to remodel an old, neglected house. Be careful the Unknown lives there.

Return of the Maca

Available for your Kindle, Nook and in paperback.
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Return of the Maca cover

An exiled Thalian returns to his planet with his Earth family to defeat the Justines and the Krepyons. His part of the Galaxy will never be the same. Return of the Maca is the fourth in the series starting with Earthbound (Volume 1), Gather the Children, and Before We Leave.


Available for your Kindle.

Earthbound cover

A man with Thalian-Justine genes is marooned on the planet Earth. He has the spaceship and has hidden it in the wilds of Texas. He must survive on this violent planet and return to destroy the Justines and avenge his mother and Thalia. He takes the name of MacDonald and rescues Rolfe during a barroom brawl. He joins Rolfe in the fur trade until it ends. They become traders. When a Kiowa raid destroys their trade goods, MacDonald admits he has gold hidden away. A trip to the spaceship provides funds to purchase a land grant from the State of Texas. MacDonald becomes a Scout for the 2nd Dragoons. During a raid on a Comanche camp, he rescues Anna, a woman tall enough and warrior enough to match him. Will MacDonald and Anna survive plague, the enmity of their Southern neighbors, a raid on Schmidt's Corner, and the Civil War?

Earthbound is the prequel to Gather The Children.


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Gather the Children cover

Before We Leave is the saga of the Justine-Earth mutants and the Thalian-Justine Earth descendents living in Texas in 1869 through 1949 when they leave Earth.

Red O'Neal, Justine-Earth mutant delivers a punishing beating to his half-brother, Daniel Hunter, for courting Red's Earth sister, Antoinette O'Neal. She is to be sent to a convent until she agrees to marry a much older, wealthier man. Antoinette had managed to send a letter to her betrothed Lorenz MacDonald about her danger. Lorenz rescues her on the journey to the convent. His mother and his adoptive father, MacDonald, the Thalian-Justine mutant, allow the marriage rather than lose Lorenz. The birth of their third child prompts Antoinette to ask Lorenz why he and two of their children have two hearts. He spends the night explaining about ships that do not require sails and beings from other planets.

During their years in Texas, the neighboring Rolfe ranch is attacked by Comanche raiders. Antoinette and her mother-in-law, Anna, are able to fight them off until help arrives and before Brigetta Rolfe gives birth to a baby girl.


Gather the Children cover

Fifteen-year-old Lorenz rides into Arles, Texas in 1865 leading a buckskin horse draped with the body of a wanted man he has gut shot. He intends to collect his reward. He's broke, lonely, hungry and hate-filled. He knows he is a freak with his two hearts and knows that his ability to control the minds of others when he is enraged can't be natural. If he doesn't get the reward, he's ready to kill again. One man stops him: a six foot, nine inch, two-hundred eighty pound man.

Here's a blurb from a fellow author: Have aliens from different times and planets settled among us and mixed their genes with ours?  Yes, they have, according to the basic premise of Gather the Children, an action packed novel by Mari Collier set in the troubled times of the cattle country of post-Civil War Texas. Imbedded in a western tale of Indian captivity, bar room brawls, gunfights, and murder is the story of two families of battling aliens attempting to regroup their forces for a return to their homes. The intimate involvement of the aliens with unsuspecting humans complicates the situation and creates a suspenseful page-turning tale. By Norman Rudnick, author of The Murder of Eleanor Lindquist and The Hayward of Rye Village.

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